What information can I provide in the author response? Can I include a PDF or update my manuscript?


The author response period is to help clarify errors in reviewers' understandings. Please limit your responses to pointing out concrete factual inaccuracies or misconceptions in the reviews, and addressing questions brought up by the reviewers. Please avoid pointing to external resources or adding "late-breaking results" that are non-responsive to the review.

To keep the burden on reviewers to an appropriate level, author response can only be text written in the text box, with a limit of 5000 characters (no updates to manuscript or supplementary material are allowed). You cannot include links (URLS) and cannot include figures or tables or any other information, but are certainly allowed to reference papers or books. (When writing the rebuttal: for security reasons, we require a space after "<" and a space before ">" characters. If you are entering data that does not meet this requirement, you will get a generic error message.)

The author feedback is optional, but we highly encourage you to respond. In many cases, the feedback will play a critical role in the final decision made by the Meta-reviewers and the Reviewers. Reviewers and meta-reviewers have likely been under significant external pressure due to COVID-19 stressors, and we ask for your understanding as we move forward.