ICML 2019 Expo Talk

July 23, 2023

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Terabyte-scale exposomic, genetic, sociodemographic, and health data for building your cohort for precision medicine

Sponsor: doc.ai

Walter De Brouwer (doc.ai)

Walter De Brouwer (doc.ai), Chirag Patel (Harvard Medical School), Arjun Manrai (Harvard Medical School)


Exabytes of observational data are generated daily--how much of it is used to improve our well-being? Our mission is to help healthcare companies and medical professionals make sense of massive data. We do so using by developing technologies inspired by our research, including: Geosurveillance System: We use earth-scale geotemporal data to predict health. Digital Twin Technology: We enable new clinical trials by discovering each trial participant’s silicon clone. AI Education: We empower the next generation with AI and tools for guaging the utility of AI.