ICML 2019 Expo Demo

July 23, 2023

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Imagine-api, a python3 SDK for performing predictions using doc.ai tensorflow models

Sponsor: doc.ai

Wan Zhu (doc.ai)

Brian Hsu (doc.ai)


We have developed three image-based AI models, namely phenomenal-face, happy-face and manna. Specifically, phenomenal-face takes selfie images as input and predicts age, gender, height and BMI of the user; happy-face also takes selfie images as input and predicts the user’s mood, i.e. happy, calm, upset, surprised or sad; and manna takes food images as input and predicts whether it is either healthy or unhealthy. In order to enable users access to these models, we developed a python client SDK named Imagine-api. Users can send input data, an image, using the Imagine-api directly to our tensorflow models and receive predictions as a JSON object. The advantage of Imagine-api is to provide an open source tool for users to easily access our health-related AI models.