ICML 2019 Expo Demo

July 23, 2023

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Petuum Neurobot Chic - Fashion AI Live Demo

Sponsor: Petuum Inc.

Henry Guo (Petuum)


Petuum Neurobot Chic is part of a series of Neurobots from Petuum, that enables enterprises to rapidly adopt AI automation with little to no customization.

Neurobot Chic combines multiple machine learning techniques, including the latest in computer vision, to provide a closed loop fashion recommendation experience. There are three parts to Neurobot Chic – Parsing, Recommendation and Virtual Try-on. Leveraging existing cameras on the smartphone or laptop, it can parse what someone is wearing accurately. Based on the person’s attire, it can make a fashion recommendation. And finally, it can virtually put on the recommendation on the person regardless of body poses.

Enterprises no longer need to spend significant amount of resources (typically months or years) to build such functionality themselves.