ICML 2019 Expo Demo

July 23, 2023

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PetuumMed Healthcare AI Live Demo

Sponsor: Petuum Inc.

Xin Gao (Petuum), Henry Guo (Petuum)

Xin Gao (Petuum), Henry Guo (Petuum)


PetuumMed uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models to assist in a wide variety of clinical use cases. PetuumMed offers immediate access to accurate and actionable insights and streamlines workflow to ease EHR-related physician burnout. PetuumMed’s robust information distillation pipeline standardizes and transforms multi-modal, large-scale, unstructured healthcare data into canonical, compact and informative representations.

These representations allow PetuumMed to effectively extract critical information from lengthy blocks of free text, populate designated areas in medical charts and generate insurance codes, and write abstractive summaries of past medical histories or imaging reports, to reduce physicians' administrative burden with EHRs.