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Joelle Pineau - A culture of open and reproducible research, in the era of large AI generative models
Joelle Pineau

Fri Jul 28 12:30 PM -- 01:00 PM (PDT) @

We have seen in the last year an incredible pace of progress in large AI models, with increasing abilities to generate high quality images, videos, text, sound and more. The best of these models display signs of creativity, reasoning, generalization and plasticity beyond what we could imagine just a few years ago. Yet many challenges and open questions remain, both on the technological aspects and the societal impact of these models. Further progress, especially on mitigating the social risks of these models, is hampered by a lack of transparency and reproducibility. In this talk, Joelle will describe ongoing efforts to increase best practices towards the responsible training and deployment of AI research systems, drawing on her experience with the ML reproducibility program, and the recent release of several state-of-the-art large models

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Joelle Pineau (McGill University / Facebook)

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