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Conditional Bisimulation for Generalization in Reinforcement Learning
Anuj Mahajan · Amy Zhang
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Learning policies that are robust to changes in the environment are critical for real world deployment of Reinforcement Learning (RL) agents. They are also necessary for achieving good generalization across environment shifts.Bisimulation provides a powerful means for abstracting task relevant components of the observation and learning a succinct representation space for training the RL agent in high dimensional spaces by exploiting the rich metric structure induced by the RL dynamics. In this work, we extend the bisimulation framework to also account for context dependent observation shifts. We use simulator based learning as an exemplary setting to demonstrate the use alternate observations to learn a representation space which is invariant to observation shifts using a novel bisimulation based objective. This allows us to deploy the agent to varying observation settings during test time and generalize to unseen scenarios. Empirical analysis on the high-dimensional image based control domains demonstrates the efficacy of our method.

Author Information

Anuj Mahajan (University of Oxford)
Amy Zhang (UT Austin / FAIR)

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