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Learning with Learning Awareness using Meta-Values
Tim Cooijmans · Milad Aghajohari · Aaron Courville
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Gradient-based learning in multi-agent systems is difficult because the gradient derives from a first-order model which does not account for the interaction between agents' learning processes.LOLA (Foerster at al, 2018) accounts for this by differentiating through one step of optimization.We extend the ideas of LOLA and develop a fully-general value-based approach to optimization.At the core is a function we call the meta-value, which at each point in joint-policy space gives for each agent a discounted sum of its objective over future optimization steps.We argue that the gradient of the meta-value gives a more reliable improvement direction than the gradient of the original objective, because the meta-value derives from empirical observations of the effects of optimization.We show how the meta-value can be approximated by training a neural network to minimize TD error along optimization trajectories in which agents follow the gradient of the meta-value.We analyze the behavior of our method on the Logistic Game (Letcher 2018) and on the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma.

Author Information

Tim Cooijmans (Mila, Université de Montréal)
Milad Aghajohari (Mila)
Aaron Courville (University of Montreal)

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