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ERM++: An Improved Baseline for Domain Generalization
Piotr Teterwak · Kuniaki Saito · Theodoros Tsiligkaridis · Kate Saenko · Bryan Plummer
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Multi-source Domain Generalization (DG) measures a classifier's ability to generalize to new distributions of data it was not trained on, given several training domains. While several multi-source DG methods have been proposed, they incur additional complexity during training by using domain labels. Recent work has shown that a well-tuned Empirical Risk Minimization (ERM) training procedure, that is simply minimizing the empirical risk on the source domains, can outperform most existing DG methods. We identify several key candidate techniques to further improve ERM performance, such as better utilization of training data, model parameter selection, and weight-space regularization. We call the resulting method ERM++, and show it significantly improves the performance of DG on five multi-source datasets by over 5% compared to standard ERM, and beats the current state-of-the-art despite being less computationally expensive. We hope that ERM++ becomes a strong baseline for future DG research.

Author Information

Piotr Teterwak (Boston University)
Kuniaki Saito (Boston University)
Theodoros Tsiligkaridis (MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Kate Saenko (Boston University)
Bryan Plummer (Boston University)

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