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Teach GPT To Phish
Ashwinee Panda · Zhengming Zhang · Yaoqing Yang · Prateek Mittal
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Quantifying privacy risks in large language models (LLM) is an important research question. We take a step towards answering this question by defining a real-world threat model wherein an entity seeks to augment an LLM with private data they possess via fine-tuning.The entity also seeks to improve the quality of its LLM outputs over time by learning from human feedback.We propose a novel phishing attack', a data extraction attack on this system where an attacker uses blind data poisoning, to induce the model to memorize the association between a given prompt and somesecret' privately held data.We validate that across multiple scales of LLMs and data modalities, an attacker can inject prompts into a training dataset that induce the model to memorize a `secret' that is unknown to the attacker, and easily extract this memorized secret.

Author Information

Ashwinee Panda (Princeton University)
Zhengming Zhang (Southeast University)
Yaoqing Yang (Dartmouth College)
Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)

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