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Transformers Meet Directed Graphs
Simon Markus Geisler · Yujia Li · Daniel Mankowitz · Taylan Cemgil · Stephan Günnemann · Cosmin Paduraru

Tue Jul 25 02:00 PM -- 04:30 PM (PDT) @ Exhibit Hall 1 #230

Transformers were originally proposed as a sequence-to-sequence model for text but have become vital for a wide range of modalities, including images, audio, video, and undirected graphs. However, transformers for directed graphs are a surprisingly underexplored topic, despite their applicability to ubiquitous domains, including source code and logic circuits. In this work, we propose two direction- and structure-aware positional encodings for directed graphs: (1) the eigenvectors of the Magnetic Laplacian — a direction-aware generalization of the combinatorial Laplacian; (2) directional random walk encodings. Empirically, we show that the extra directionality information is useful in various downstream tasks, including correctness testing of sorting networks and source code understanding. Together with a data-flow-centric graph construction, our model outperforms the prior state of the art on the Open Graph Benchmark Code2 relatively by 14.7%.

Author Information

Simon Markus Geisler (Technical University of Munich)
Yujia Li (DeepMind)
Daniel Mankowitz (Google)
Taylan Cemgil (DeepMind)
Stephan Günnemann (Technical University of Munich)
Cosmin Paduraru (DeepMind)

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