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HyperTuning: Toward Adapting Large Language Models without Back-propagation
Jason Phang · Yi Mao · Pengcheng He · Weizhu Chen

Wed Jul 26 02:00 PM -- 03:30 PM (PDT) @ Exhibit Hall 1 #114

Fine-tuning large language models for different tasks can be costly and inefficient, and even methods that reduce the number of tuned parameters still require full gradient-based optimization. We propose HyperTuning, a novel approach to model adaptation that uses a hypermodel to generate task-specific parameters for a fixed downstream model. We demonstrate a simple setup for hypertuning with HyperT5, a T5-based hypermodel that produces soft prefixes or LoRA parameters for a frozen T5 model from few-shot examples. We train HyperT5 in two stages: first, hyperpretraining with a modified conditional language modeling objective that trains a hypermodel to generate parameters; second, multi-task fine-tuning (MTF) on a large number of diverse language tasks. We evaluate HyperT5 on P3, MetaICL and Super-NaturalInstructions datasets, and show that it can effectively generate parameters for unseen tasks. Moreover, we show that using hypermodel-generated parameters as initializations for further parameter-efficient fine-tuning improves performance. HyperTuning can thus be a flexible and efficient way to leverage large language models for diverse downstream applications.

Author Information

Jason Phang (NYU)
Yi Mao (Microsoft)
Pengcheng He (Microsoft)
Weizhu Chen (Microsoft)

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