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Differentially Private Hierarchical Clustering with Provable Approximation Guarantees
Jacob Imola · Alessandro Epasto · Mohammad Mahdian · Vincent Cohen-Addad · Vahab Mirrokni

Wed Jul 26 05:00 PM -- 06:30 PM (PDT) @ Exhibit Hall 1 #331
Hierarchical Clustering is a popular unsupervised machine learning method with decades of history and numerous applications. We initiate the study of *differentially-private* approximation algorithms for hierarchical clustering under the rigorous framework introduced by Dasgupta (2016). We show strong lower bounds for the problem: that any $\epsilon$-DP algorithm must exhibit $O(|V|^2/ \epsilon)$-additive error for an input dataset $V$. Then, we exhibit a polynomial-time approximation algorithm with $O(|V|^{2.5}/ \epsilon)$-additive error, and an exponential-time algorithm that meets the lower bound. To overcome the lower bound, we focus on the stochastic block model, a popular model of graphs, and, with a separation assumption on the blocks, propose a private $1+o(1)$ approximation algorithm which also recovers the blocks exactly. Finally, we perform an empirical study of our algorithms and validate their performance.

Author Information

Jacob Imola (UC San Diego)
Alessandro Epasto (Google)
Mohammad Mahdian (Google)
Vincent Cohen-Addad (Google, Switzerland)
Vahab Mirrokni (Google Research)

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