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Federated Linear Contextual Bandits with User-level Differential Privacy
Ruiquan Huang · Huanyu Zhang · Luca Melis · Milan Shen · Meisam Hejazinia · Jing Yang

Tue Jul 25 05:00 PM -- 06:30 PM (PDT) @ Exhibit Hall 1 #715
This paper studies federated linear contextual bandits under the notion of user-level differential privacy (DP). We first introduce a unified federated bandits framework that can accommodate various definitions of DP in the sequential decision-making setting. We then formally introduce user-level central DP (CDP) and local DP (LDP) in the federated bandits framework, and investigate the fundamental trade-offs between the learning regrets and the corresponding DP guarantees in a federated linear contextual bandits model. For CDP, we propose a federated algorithm termed as $\texttt{ROBIN}$ and show that it is near-optimal in terms of the number of clients $M$ and the privacy budget $\varepsilon$ by deriving nearly-matching upper and lower regret bounds when user-level DP is satisfied. For LDP, we obtain several lower bounds, indicating that learning under user-level $(\varepsilon,\delta)$-LDP must suffer a regret blow-up factor at least $\min\{1/\varepsilon,M\}$ or $\min\{1/\sqrt{\varepsilon},\sqrt{M}\}$ under different conditions.

Author Information

Ruiquan Huang (The Pennsylvania State University)
Huanyu Zhang (Facebook)
Luca Melis (Amazon Web Services)
Milan Shen (Research, Facebook)
Meisam Hejazinia (University of Texas, Dallas)
Jing Yang (Penn State University)

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