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Panel Discussion
Megan Ansdell · Nathan Lambert · Ludwig Schmidt · Praveen Paritosh · Sang Michael Xie

Sat Jul 29 05:20 PM -- 06:15 PM (PDT) @

Author Information

Megan Ansdell (NASA Headquarters)
Nathan Lambert (HuggingFace)
Nathan Lambert

Nathan Lambert is a Research Scientist at HuggingFace. He received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley working at the intersection of machine learning and robotics. He was advised by Professor Kristofer Pister in the Berkeley Autonomous Microsystems Lab and Roberto Calandra at Meta AI Research. He was lucky to intern at Facebook AI and DeepMind during his Ph.D. Nathan was was awarded the UC Berkeley EECS Demetri Angelakos Memorial Achievement Award for Altruism for his efforts to better community norms.

Ludwig Schmidt (University of Washington)
Praveen Paritosh (Google)
Sang Michael Xie (Stanford University)

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