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Adaptive Data Debiasing Through Bounded Exploration
Yifan Yang · Yang Liu · Parinaz Naghizadeh

Biases in existing datasets used to train algorithmic decision rules can raise ethical and economic concerns due to the resulting disparate treatment of different groups. We propose an algorithm for sequentially debiasing such datasets through adaptive and bounded exploration in a classification problem with costly and censored feedback. Our proposed algorithm includes parameters that can be used to balance between the ultimate goal of removing data biases -- which will in turn lead to more accurate and fair decisions, and the exploration risks incurred to achieve this goal. We analytically show that such exploration can help debias data in certain distributions. We further investigate how fairness criteria can work in conjunction with our data debiasing algorithm. We illustrate the performance of our algorithm using experiments on synthetic and real-world datasets.

Author Information

Yifan Yang (The Ohio State University)
Yang Liu (UC Santa Cruz)
Parinaz Naghizadeh (Ohio State University)

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