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Adversarial Audio Synthesis with Complex-valued Polynomial Networks
Grigorios Chrysos

Fri Jul 22 07:40 AM -- 08:00 AM (PDT) @
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Time-frequency (TF) representations in audio synthesis have been increasingly modeled with real-valued networks. However, overlooking the complex-valued nature of TF representations can result in suboptimal performance and require additional modules (e.g., for modeling the phase). To this end, we introduce complex-valued polynomial networks, called APOLLO, that integrate such complex-valued representations in a natural way. Concretely, APOLLO captures high-order correlations of the input elements using high-order tensors as scaling parameters. By leveraging standard tensor decompositions, we derive different architectures and enable modeling richer correlations. We outline such architectures and showcase their performance in audio generation across four benchmarks. As a highlight, APOLLO results in 17.5% improvement over adversarial methods and 8.2% over the state-of-the-art diffusion models on SC09 dataset in audio generation. Our models can encourage the systematic design of other efficient architectures on complex field.

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Grigorios Chrysos (EPFL)

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