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GraphTTA: Test Time Adaptation on Graph Neural Networks
Guanzi Chen · Jiying Zhang · Xi Xiao · Yang Li

Recently, test time adaptation (TTA) has attracted increasing attention due to its power of handling the distribution shift issue in the real world. Unlike what has been developed for convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for image data, TTA is less explored for Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). There is still a lack of efficient algorithms tailored for graphs with irregular structures. In this paper, we present a novel test time adaptation strategy named Graph Adversarial Pseudo Group Contrast (GAPGC), for graph neural networks TTA, to better adapt to the Out Of Distribution (OOD) test data. Specifically, GAPGC employs a contrastive learning variant as a self-supervised task during TTA, equipped with Adversarial Learnable Augmenter and Group Pseudo-Positive Samples to enhance the relevance between the self-supervised task and the main task, boosting the performance of the main task. Furthermore, we provide theoretical evidence that GAPGC can extract minimal sufficient information for the main task from information theory perspective. Extensive experiments on molecular scaffold OOD dataset demonstrated that the proposed approach achieves state-of-the-art performance on GNNs.

Author Information

Guanzi Chen (Tsinghua University)
Jiying Zhang (Tsinghua University)
Xi Xiao (Tsinghua University)
Yang Li (Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, Tsinghua University)

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