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Transform Once: Efficient Operator Learning in Frequency Domain
Michael Poli · Stefano Massaroli · Federico Berto · Jinkyoo Park · Tri Dao · Christopher Re · Stefano Ermon
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Spectrum analysis provides one of the most effective paradigms for information-preserving dimensionality reduction in data: often, a simple description of naturally occurring signals can be obtained via few terms of periodic basis functions. Neural operators designed for frequency domain learning are based on complex-valued transforms i.e. Fourier Transforms (FT), and layers that perform computation on the spectrum and input data separately. This design introduces considerable computational overhead: for each layer, a forward and inverse FT. Instead, this work introduces a blueprint for frequency domain learning through a single transform: transform once (T1). To enable efficient, direct learning in the frequency domain we develop a variance preserving weight initialization scheme and address the open problem of choosing a transform. Our results significantly streamline the design process of neural operators, pruning redundant transforms, and leading to speedups of 3 x to 30 that increase with data resolution and model size. We perform extensive experiments on learning to solve partial differential equations, including incompressible Navier-Stokes, turbulent flows around airfoils, and high-resolution video of smoke dynamics. T1 models improve on the test performance of SOTA neural operators while requiring significantly less computation, with over $30\%$ reduction in predictive error across tasks.

Author Information

Michael Poli (Stanford University)
Stefano Massaroli (The University of Tokyo)
Federico Berto (KAIST)
Jinkyoo Park (KAIST)
Tri Dao (Stanford)
Christopher Re (Stanford University)
Stefano Ermon (Stanford University)

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