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Characterizing Neural Network Verification for Systems with NN4SysBench
Haoyu He · Tianhao Wei · Huan Zhang · Changliu Liu · Cheng Tan

Fri Jul 22 06:45 AM -- 07:00 AM (PDT) @

We present NN4SysBench, a benchmark suite for neural network verification, comprised of benchmarks from neural networks for systems (or NN4Sys). NN4Sys is booming: there are hundreds of proposals of using neural networks in computer systems—databases, OSes, and networked systems—that are safety critical. We observe that NN4Sys has some unique characteristics that to- day’s neural network verification tools overlooked. This benchmark aims at bridging the gap between NN4Sys and NN-verification by tailoring impactful NN4Sys instances to benchmarks that today’s NN-verification tools can work on.

Author Information

Haoyu He (Northeastern University)
Tianhao Wei (CMU)
Huan Zhang (CMU)
Changliu Liu (Carnegie Mellon University)
Cheng Tan (Northeastern University)

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