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Single, Practical and Fast Dynamic Truncation Kernel Multiplication
Lianke Qin · Somdeb Sarkhel · Zhao Song · Danyang Zhuo

Fri Jul 22 12:15 PM -- 01:15 PM (PDT) @

Computing the product of a kernel matrix and a vector is the most basic and important operation in high-performance machine learning and scientific computing. The speed for this calculation determines plays a critical role in the overall performance of machine learning training and inference. As dataset sizes rapidly increase, the dimension of the kernel matrix also increase accordingly, and this product computation is increasingly a performance bottleneck. In the meantime, our observation is that many popular kernel matrices are inherently sparse, due to natural data distributions. In this paper, we design an efficient data structure to approximate kernel matrix vector multiplication. Our data structure is a search tree which enables us to quickly extract those entries and calculate the multiplication results.

Author Information

Lianke Qin (UCSB)
Somdeb Sarkhel (Adobe)
Zhao Song (Adobe Research)
Danyang Zhuo (Duke University)

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