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Galaxies on graph neural networks: towards robust synthetic galaxy catalogs with deep generative models
Yesukhei Jagvaral · Rachel Mandelbaum · Francois Lanusse · Siamak Ravanbakhsh · Sukhdeep Singh · Duncan Campbell
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The future astronomical imaging surveys are set to provide precise constraints on cosmological parameters, such as dark energy. However, production of synthetic data for these surveys, to test and validate analysis methods, suffers from a very high computational cost. In particular, generating mock galaxy catalogs at sufficiently large volume and high resolution will soon become computationally unreachable. In this paper, we address this problem with a Deep Generative Model to create robust mock galaxy catalogs that may be used to test and develop the analysis pipelines of future weak lensing surveys. We build our model on a custom built Graph Convolutional Networks, by placing each galaxy on a graph node and then connecting the graphs within each gravitationally bound system. We train our model on a cosmological simulation with realistic galaxy populations to capture the 2D and 3D orientations of galaxies. The samples from the model exhibit comparable statistical properties to those in the simulations. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first instance of a generative model on graphs in an astrophysical/cosmological context

Author Information

Yesukhei Jagvaral (Carnegie Mellon University)
Rachel Mandelbaum (Carnegie Mellon University)
Francois Lanusse (CEA Saclay)
Siamak Ravanbakhsh (McGill - Mila)
Sukhdeep Singh (Carnegie Mellon University)
Duncan Campbell (Carnegie Mellon University)

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