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Toward Compositional Generalization in Object-Oriented World Modeling
Linfeng Zhao · Lingzhi Kong · Robin Walters · Lawson Wong

Thu Jul 21 11:05 AM -- 11:25 AM (PDT) @ Hall F

Compositional generalization is a critical ability in learning and decision-making. We focus on the setting of reinforcement learning in object-oriented environments to study compositional generalization in world modeling. We (1) formalize the compositional generalization problem with an algebraic approach and (2) study how a world model can achieve that. We introduce a conceptual environment, Object Library, and two instances, and deploy a principled pipeline to measure the generalization ability. Motivated by the formulation, we analyze several methods with exact or no compositional generalization ability using our framework, and design a differentiable approach, Homomorphic Object-oriented World Model (HOWM), that achieves soft but more efficient compositional generalization.

Author Information

Linfeng Zhao (Northeastern University)
Lingzhi Kong (Northeastern University)
Robin Walters (Northeastern University)
Lawson Wong (Northeastern University)

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