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Doubly Robust Distributionally Robust Off-Policy Evaluation and Learning
Nathan Kallus · Xiaojie Mao · Kaiwen Wang · Zhengyuan Zhou

Thu Jul 21 03:00 PM -- 05:00 PM (PDT) @ Hall E #904
Off-policy evaluation and learning (OPE/L) use offline observational data to make better decisions, which is crucial in applications where online experimentation is limited. However, depending entirely on logged data, OPE/L is sensitive to environment distribution shifts --- discrepancies between the data-generating environment and that where policies are deployed. Si et al., (2020) proposed distributionally robust OPE/L (DROPE/L) to address this, but the proposal relies on inverse-propensity weighting, whose estimation error and regret will deteriorate if propensities are nonparametrically estimated and whose variance is suboptimal even if not. For standard, non-robust, OPE/L, this is solved by doubly robust (DR) methods, but they do not naturally extend to the more complex DROPE/L, which involves a worst-case expectation. In this paper, we propose the first DR algorithms for DROPE/L with KL-divergence uncertainty sets. For evaluation, we propose Localized Doubly Robust DROPE (LDR$^2$OPE) and show that it achieves semiparametric efficiency under weak product rates conditions. Thanks to a localization technique, LDR$^2$OPE only requires fitting a small number of regressions, just like DR methods for standard OPE. For learning, we propose Continuum Doubly Robust DROPL (CDR$^2$OPL) and show that, under a product rate condition involving a continuum of regressions, it enjoys a fast regret rate of $O(N^{-1/2})$ even when unknown propensities are nonparametrically estimated. We empirically validate our algorithms in simulations and further extend our results to general $f$-divergence uncertainty sets.

Author Information

Nathan Kallus (Cornell University)
Xiaojie Mao (Tsinghua University)
Kaiwen Wang (Cornell University and Cornell Tech)
Zhengyuan Zhou (Arena Technologies)

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