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Affinity Workshop
Women in Machine Learning (WiML) Un-Workshop
Vinitra Swamy · Paula Gradu · Mojgan Saeidi · Noor Sajid · Shweta Khushu · Giulia Clerici · Tatjana Chavdarova

Mon Jul 18 05:30 AM -- 03:40 PM (PDT) @ Hall G
Event URL: https://sites.google.com/wimlworkshop.org/wiml-unworkshop2022/ »

Since ICML 2020, WiML organizes so-called "un-workshops" at ICML. The un-workshop is based on the concept of an “un-conference”, a form of discussion on a pre-selected topic that is primarily driven by participants. Different from the workshop, the un-workshop’s main focus is the topical "breakout sessions"--where attendees are split into smaller groups, and 2-3 participants per each session---who are preselected prior to the event---lead each discussion on a predefined topic. In addition to the breakout sessions, the un-workshop will include short invited talks, casual informal poster presentations, and a mentoring session. The overall goal of the un-workshop is to advance research through collaboration and increased interaction among participants from diverse backgrounds. Students, postdocs, and researchers in all areas of Machine Learning who primarily identify as a woman and/or nonbinary are encouraged to submit a one-page proposal to lead a breakout session on a certain research topic, and/or to submit a short abstract for the poster session. While all presenters will identify primarily as a woman and/or nonbinary, all genders are invited to attend and participate in the discussions.

Author Information

Vinitra Swamy (EPFL)
Paula Gradu (UC Berkeley)
Mojgan Saeidi (UT)
Noor Sajid (University College London)
Shweta Khushu (SkySpecs Inc)

Shweta is a Sr. Engineer and Growth Lead of the AI team at SkySpecs. She received her MS degree in ECE from University of Michigan in 2016 with a specialization in Machine Learning and Image Processing. She is passionate about solving real-world problems challenging humankind using Artificial Intelligence, especially Computer Vision. Application of these techniques in the wind space has been her primary focus at work. She is also one of the 15 participants of the 2021 Women in Wind Global Leadership Program organized by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) in partnership with Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition (GWNET). Additionally, she volunteers with Climate Mind, a non-profit building a web application designed to make conversations about climate change easier.

Giulia Clerici (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Tatjana Chavdarova (UC Berkeley)

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