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Crowdsourcing a Corpus of Dogwhistle Transphobia
Paige Treebridge · Arjun Subramonian

Author Information

Paige Treebridge (DePaul University)

Paige Yes Treebridge (she/her), MFA, is an imposter linguist, theoretical etymologist, and computer anti-scientist researching the limits of what is computable. Her interest in code is focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the area of human-computer interaction and computational linguistics. She teaches code for non-computer-science majors, and got a D in high school geometry. She is a PhD student in Computer Science. Treebridge is currently an Associate Professor in HCI/UXD and a PhD student in computer science, with research in queer computing and speculative fiction. Treebridge first learned to use code on EFnet IRC and deeply loves regular expressions.

Arjun Subramonian (University of California, Los Angeles)

Hello! I am a PhD student at UCLA conducting machine learning research, advised by Prof. Yizhou Sun. I also work with Prof. Kai-Wei Chang. My research is broadly about graph representation learning, self-supervised learning, and fairness.

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