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Oral Presentation: Discovering and Achieving Goals with World Models
Oleh Rybkin · Deepak Pathak

Fri Jul 23 10:30 AM -- 10:50 AM (PDT) @

Author Information

Oleh Rybkin (University of Pennsylvania)

Oleg is a Ph.D. student in the GRASP laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania advised by Kostas Daniilidis. He received his Bachelor's degree from Czech Technical University in Prague. He is interested in deep learning and computer vision, and, more specifically, on using deep predictive models to discover semantic structure in video as well as applications of these models for planning. Prior to his Ph.D. studies, he worked on camera geometry as an undergraduate researcher advised by Tomas Pajdla. He was a visiting student researcher at INRIA advised by Josef Sivic, Tokyo Institute of Technology advised by Akihiko Torii, and UC Berkeley advised by Sergey Levine.

Deepak Pathak (CMU, FAIR)

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