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RL Research-to-RealLife Gap Panel
Craig Buhr · Jeff Mendenhall · Yang Yu · Matthew Taylor

Fri Jul 23 05:00 PM -- 06:00 PM (PDT) @

Panelists: Craig Buhr (MathWorks), Jeff Mendenhall (Microsoft), Xiaocheng Tang (Didi), Yang Yu (Polixir.ai / Nanjing U.)

Co-Chairs/Moderators: Matthew E. Taylor (U. of Alberta) and Kathryn Hume (Borealis AI)

Author Information

Craig Buhr (MathWorks)
Jeff Mendenhall (Microsoft)

Mr. Mendenhall has a passion for starting up v1 products and businesses which exploit emerging technologies to help solve enterprise problems. Jeff co-designs solutions & platforms with enterprise customers on the front end, so ready-made incubators and early production adopters are bought in from day 1. He has built multiple $100-500M businesses within large companies. Jeff has spent 15 years at Microsoft, currently as a Principal PM in the Applied AI Services and Reinforcement Learning product team. Prior to that he created a global, cross-industry innovation program with Global 1000 customers (think Shell, BMW, 3M, Disney, Unilever and PingAn) focused on exposing our research and incubations to partner together to co-create to solve real world problems. Prior to that Jeff was with MSR, starting up the eXtreme Computing Group, an applied lab focused on cloud hardware, software and programming models, and leading its PM team.

Yang Yu (Nanjing University)
Matthew Taylor (U. of Alberta)

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