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Expo Demonstration
Explainable Entity Matching for Master Data Management
Balaji Ganesan · Soma Shekar Naganna

Sun Jul 18 09:00 PM -- 10:00 PM (PDT) @
Event URL: http://explainable-entity-matching.mybluemix.net/ »

Entity matching in Master Data Management (MDM) is the task of determining if two entities represent the same real world entity. Entities are typically people, organizations, locations, and events represented as attributed nodes in a graph, though they can also be represented as relational data. While artificial neural network models and probabilistic matching engines exist for this task, explaining entity matching has received less attention. In this presentation, we describe three entity matching scenarios in the real world and present explainability solutions for them.

Author Information

Balaji Ganesan (IBM Research)

I'm a Research Engineer interested in Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing. I'm currently working on Enterprise Knowledge Graphs and focusing on Link Prediction using Graph Neural Networks. I'm also concerned with explainability, fairness and ethical considerations in this area of research.

Soma Shekar Naganna (IBM)

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