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Poster session
Janis Klaise · Lang Liu · Begum Taskazan · Lasse F. Wolff Anthony · Clive Cox · Omid Aramoon · Ting-wu Chin · Alexander Lavin

Fri Jul 17 08:40 AM -- 09:20 AM (PDT) @ None

Q/A live session for the contributed talks that have been played in the previous session. Each poster presenter is in a separate Zoom Meeting.

  • "Monitoring and explainability of models in production", Klaise, [ protected link dropped ]

  • "Gradient-Based Monitoring of Learning Machines", Liu, [ protected link dropped ]

  • "Not Your Grandfather's Test Set: Reducing Labeling Effort for Testing", Taskazan, [ protected link dropped ]

  • "Carbontracker: Tracking and Predicting the Carbon Footprint of Training Deep Learning Models", Anthony [ protected link dropped ]

  • "Serverless inferencing on Kubernetes", Cox, [ protected link dropped ]

  • "Do You Sign Your Model?", Aramoon, [ protected link dropped ]

  • "PareCO: Pareto-aware Channel Optimization for Slimmable Neural Networks", Chin, [ protected link dropped ]

  • "Technology Readiness Levels for Machine Learning Systems ", Lavin, [ protected link dropped ]

Author Information

Janis Klaise (Seldon)
Lang Liu (University of Washington)
Begum Taskazan (Northeastern University)

[Resume] (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qwpwrYZ2h0Ekg5BlWbZYPj_9ZiFf-Rex/view?usp=sharing)

Lasse F. Wolff Anthony (University of Copenhagen)
Clive Cox (Seldon)

Clive is CTO of Seldon. Seldon helps enterprises put machine learning into production. Clive developed Seldon's open source Kubernetes based machine learning deployment platform Seldon Core. He is also a core contributor to the Kubeflow and KFServing projects.

Omid Aramoon (University of Maryland)
Ting-wu Chin (Carnegie Mellon University)
Alexander Lavin (Augustus Intelligence)

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