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Open Problems Panel
Alessandra Tosi · Nathan Korda · Yuzhui Liu · Zhenwen Dai · Zhenwen Dai · Alexander Lavin · Erick Galinkin · Camylle Lanteigne

Fri Jul 17 09:30 AM -- 10:30 AM (PDT) @

In this panel, we will present and discuss six open problems. The abstracts are available at the workshop's webpage: https://sites.google.com/view/deploymonitormlsystems/open-problems

  • Yuzhui Liu (Bloomberg): Deploy machine learning models serverlessly at scale
  • Zhenwen Dai (Spotify): Model Selection for Production Systems
  • Alexander Lavin (Augustus Intelligence): ML lacks the formal processes and industry standards of other engineering disciplines.
  • Erick Galinkin (Montreal AI Ethics Institute and Rapid7): Green Lighting ML
  • Alexander Lavin (Augustus Intelligence): Approaches to AI ethics must consider second-order effects and downstream uses, but how?
  • Camylle Lanteigne (MAIEI and McGill University): SECure: A Social and Environmental Certificate for AI Systems

Author Information

Alessandra Tosi (Mind Foundry)
Nathan Korda (Mind Foundry)
Yuzhui Liu (Bloomberg)
Zhenwen Dai (Spotify)
Zhenwen Dai (Spotify)
Alexander Lavin (Augustus Intelligence)
Erick Galinkin (Drexel University)
Camylle Lanteigne (Montreal AI Ethics Institute and McGill University)

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