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Invited Talk: Raster-based Motion Prediction for Safe Self-Driving (Nemanja Djuric)
Nemanja Djuric

Fri Jul 17 05:50 AM -- 06:20 AM (PDT) @
Event URL: https://slideslive.com/38930749/rasterbased-motion-prediction-for-safe-selfdriving »

Video: https://slideslive.com/38930749/rasterbased-motion-prediction-for-safe-selfdriving

Abstract: Motion prediction is a critical component of self-driving technology, tasked with inferring future behavior of traffic actors as well as modeling behavior uncertainty. In the talk we focus on this important problem, and discuss raster-based methods that have shown state-of-the-art performance. These approaches take top-down images of a surrounding area as their input, providing near-complete contextual information necessary to accurately predict traffic motion. We present a number of recently proposed models, and show how to develop methods that obey map and other physical constraints of the environment.

Bio: Nemanja Djuric is a Staff Engineer and Tech Lead Manager at Uber ATG, for the past 5 years working on motion prediction, object detection, and other technologies supporting self-driving vehicles. Prior to ATG he worked as a research scientist at Yahoo Labs, which he joined after obtaining his PhD at Temple University.

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Nemanja Djuric (Uber ATG)

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