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Scalable Identification of Partially Observed Systems with Certainty-Equivalent EM
Kunal Menda · Jean de Becdelievre · Jayesh K. Gupta · Ilan Kroo · Mykel Kochenderfer · Zachary Manchester

Tue Jul 14 08:00 AM -- 08:45 AM & Tue Jul 14 09:00 PM -- 09:45 PM (PDT) @

System identification is a key step for model-based control, estimator design, and output prediction. This work considers the offline identification of partially observed nonlinear systems. We empirically show that the certainty-equivalent approximation to expectation-maximization can be a reliable and scalable approach for high-dimensional deterministic systems, which are common in robotics. We formulate certainty-equivalent expectation-maximization as block coordinate-ascent, and provide an efficient implementation. The algorithm is tested on a simulated system of coupled Lorenz attractors, demonstrating its ability to identify high-dimensional systems that can be intractable for particle-based approaches. Our approach is also used to identify the dynamics of an aerobatic helicopter. By augmenting the state with unobserved fluid states, a model is learned that predicts the acceleration of the helicopter better than state-of-the-art approaches. The codebase for this work is available at https://github.com/sisl/CEEM.

Author Information

Kunal Menda (Stanford University)
Jean de Becdelievre (Stanford University)
Jayesh K. Gupta (Stanford University)
Ilan Kroo (Stanford University)
Mykel Kochenderfer (Stanford University)
Zachary Manchester (Stanford)

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