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4th Lifelong Learning Workshop
Shagun Sodhani · Sarath Chandar · Balaraman Ravindran · Doina Precup

Sat Jul 18 02:00 AM -- 06:00 PM (PDT) @
Event URL: https://lifelongml.github.io/ »

One of the most significant and challenging open problems in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the problem of Lifelong Learning. Lifelong Machine Learning considers systems that can continually learn many tasks (from one or more domains) over a lifetime. A lifelong learning system efficiently and effectively:

1. retains the knowledge it has learned from different tasks;

2. selectively transfers knowledge (from previously learned tasks) to facilitate the learning of new tasks;

3. ensures the effective and efficient interaction between (1) and (2).

Lifelong Learning introduces several fundamental challenges in training models that generally do not arise in a single task batch learning setting. This includes problems like catastrophic forgetting and capacity saturation. This workshop aims to explore solutions for these problems in both supervised learning and reinforcement learning settings.

Author Information

Shagun Sodhani (Facebook AI Research)
Sarath Chandar (Polytechnique Montreal)
Balaraman Ravindran (Indian Institute of Technology)
Doina Precup (McGill University / DeepMind)

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