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Poster Session & Lunch break
Kay Wiese · Brandon Carter · Dan DeBlasio · Mohammad Hashir · Rachel Chan · Matteo Manica · Ali Oskooei · Zhenqin Wu · Karren Yang · François FAGES · Ruishan Liu · Nicasia Beebe-Wang · Bryan He · Jacopo Cirrone · Pekka Marttinen · Elior Rahmani · Harri Lähdesmäki · Nikhil Yadala · Andreea-Ioana Deac · Ava Soleimany · Mansi Ranjit Mane · Jason Ernst · Joseph Paul Cohen · Joel Mathew · Vishal Agarwal · AN ZHENG

Fri Jun 14 12:00 PM -- 02:00 PM (PDT) @

Author Information

Kay Wiese (Simon Fraser University)
Brandon Carter (MIT CSAIL)
Dan DeBlasio (Carnegie Mellon University)
Mohammad Hashir (Mila/UTK)
Rachel Chan (University of Toronto)
Matteo Manica (IBM Research)

Matteo is a Research Staff Member in Cognitive Health Care and Life Sciences at IBM Research Zürich. He's currently working on the development of multimodal deep learning models for drug discovery using chemical features and omic data. He also researches in multimodal learning techniques for the analysis of pediatric cancers in a H2020 EU project, iPC, with the aim of creating treatment models for patients. He received his degree in Mathematical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano in 2013. After getting his MSc he worked in a startup, Moxoff spa, as a software engineer and analyst for scientific computing. In 2019 he obtained his doctoral degree at the end of a joint PhD program between IBM Research and the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zürich, with a thesis on multimodal learning approaches for precision medicine.

Ali Oskooei (IBM Research)
Zhenqin Wu (Stanford University)
Karren Yang (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
François FAGES (Inria Saclay Ile de France)
Ruishan Liu (Stanford University)
Nicasia Beebe-Wang (Paul G Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington)
Bryan He (Stanford University)
Jacopo Cirrone (NYU - Computer Science - Courant)
Pekka Marttinen (Aalto University)
Elior Rahmani (?UCL)
Harri Lähdesmäki (Aalto University)
Nikhil Yadala (Microsoft)

I work in the Bing web ranking algorithm team as Data Scientist. I am most interested in the applications of computer science and ML in specific to computational biology and genetics. My long term goals include contributing to healthy ageing research and develop drugs for increased health span.

Andreea-Ioana Deac (University of Cambridge)
Ava Soleimany (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))
Mansi Ranjit Mane (Walmart Labs)
Jason Ernst (UCLA)
Joseph Paul Cohen (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms ShortScience.org)
Joel Mathew (University of Southern California/Information Sciences Institute)
Vishal Agarwal (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)
AN ZHENG (University of California San Diego)

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at UC San Diego under supervision of Dr. Melissa Gymrek and Dr. Hao Su. I am interested in neural network interpretability and applied machine learning. My current research work focuses on topics including: understanding complex genetic traits with the help of deep learning methods, and designing reliable interpretation methods to explain decisions made by neural networks. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anzheng25/

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