Tractable n-Metrics for Multiple Graphs
Sam Safavi · Jose Bento

Thu Jun 13th 05:00 -- 05:05 PM @ Seaside Ballroom

Graphs are used in almost every scientific discipline to express relations among a set of objects. Algorithms that compare graphs, and output a closeness score, or a correspondence among their nodes, are thus extremely important. Despite the large amount of work done, many o the scalable algorithms to compare graphs do not produce closeness scores that satisfy the intuitive properties of metrics. This is problematic since non-metrics are known to degrade the performance of algorithms such as distance-based clustering of graphs (Bento & Ioannidis, 2018). On the other hand, the use of metrics increases the performance of several machine learning tasks (Indyk, 1999; Clarkson, 1999; Angiulli & Pizzuti, 2002; Ackermann et al., 2010). In this paper, we introduce a new family of multi-distances (a distance between more than two elements) that satisfies a generalization of the properties of metrics to multiple elements. In the context of comparing graphs, we are the first to show the existence of multi-distances that simultaneously incorporate the useful property of alignment consistency (Nguyenet al., 2011), and a generalized metric property. Furthermore, we show that these multi-distances can be relaxed to convex optimization problems, without losing the generalized metric property.

Author Information

Sam Safavi (Boston College)
Jose Bento (Boston College)

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