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Multi-objective training of Generative Adversarial Networks with multiple discriminators
Isabela Albuquerque · Joao Monteiro · Thang Doan · Breandan Considine · Tiago Falk · Ioannis Mitliagkas

Thu Jun 13 09:30 AM -- 09:35 AM (PDT) @ Hall A

Recent literature has demonstrated promising results on the training of Generative Adversarial Networks by employing a set of discriminators, as opposed to the traditional game involving one generator against a single adversary. Those methods perform single-objective optimization on some simple consolidation of the losses, e.g. an average. In this work, we revisit the multiple-discriminator approach by framing the simultaneous minimization of losses provided by different models as a multi-objective optimization problem. Specifically, we evaluate the performance of multiple gradient descent and the hypervolume maximization algorithm on a number of different datasets. Moreover, we argue that the previously proposed methods and hypervolume maximization can all be seen as variations of multiple gradient descent in which the update direction computation can be done efficiently. Our results indicate that hypervolume maximization presents a better compromise between sample quality and diversity, and computational cost than previous methods.

Author Information

Isabela Albuquerque (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique)
Joao Monteiro (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS))
Thang Doan (McGill University)
Breandan Considine (Mila)
Tiago Falk (INRS-EMT)
Ioannis Mitliagkas (MILA, UdeM)

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