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Remember and Forget for Experience Replay
Guido Novati · Petros Koumoutsakos

Wed Jun 12 03:15 PM -- 03:20 PM (PDT) @ Hall B

Experience replay (ER) is a fundamental component of off-policy deep reinforcement learning (RL). ER recalls experiences from past iterations to compute gradient estimates for the current policy, increasing data-efficiency. However, the accuracy of such updates may deteriorate when the policy diverges from past behaviors and can undermine the performance of ER. Many algorithms mitigate this issue by tuning hyper-parameters to slow down policy changes. An alternative is to actively manage the experiences in the replay memory. We introduce Remember and Forget Experience Replay (ReF-ER), a novel method that can enhance RL algorithms with parameterized policies. ReF-ER (1) skips gradients computed from experiences that are too unlikely with the current policy and (2) regulates policy changes within a trust region of the replayed behaviors. We couple ReF-ER with Q-learning, deterministic policy gradient and off-policy gradient methods. We find that ReF-ER consistently improves the performance of continuous-action, off-policy RL on fully observable benchmarks and partially observable flow control problems.

Author Information

Guido Novati (ETH Zurich)
Petros Koumoutsakos (ETH Zurich)

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