Learning Context-dependent Label Permutations for Multi-label Classification
Jinseok Nam · Young-Bum Kim · Eneldo Loza Mencia · Sunghyun Park · Ruhi Sarikaya · Johannes F├╝rnkranz

Thu Jun 13th 06:30 -- 09:00 PM @ Pacific Ballroom #233

A key problem in multi-label classification is to utilize dependencies among the labels. Chaining classifiers are a simple technique for addressing this problem but current algorithms all assume a fixed, static label ordering. In this work, we propose a multi-label classification approach which allows to choose a dynamic, context-dependent label ordering. Our proposed approach consists of two sub-components: a simple EM-like algorithm which bootstraps the learned model, and a more elaborate approach based on reinforcement learning. Our experiments on three public multi-label classification benchmarks show that our proposed dynamic label ordering approach based on reinforcement learning outperforms recurrent neural networks with fixed label ordering across both bipartition and ranking measures on all the three datasets. As a result, we obtain a powerful sequence prediction-based algorithm for multi-label classification, which is able to efficiently and explicitly exploit label dependencies.

Author Information

Jinseok Nam (Amazon)
Young-Bum Kim (Amazon)
Eneldo Loza Mencia (TU Darmstadt)
Sunghyun Park (Aamzon)
Ruhi Sarikaya (Amazon)
Johannes F├╝rnkranz (TU Darmstadt)

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