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Synthetic Realities: Deep Learning for Detecting AudioVisual Fakes
Battista Biggio · Pavel Korshunov · Thomas Mensink · Giorgio Patrini · Arka Sadhu · Delip Rao

Sat Jun 15 08:30 AM -- 06:00 PM (PDT) @ 104 C
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With the latest advances of deep generative models, synthesis of images and videos as well as of human voices have achieved impressive realism. In many domains, synthetic media are already difficult to distinguish from real by the human eye and ear. The potential of misuses of these technologies is seldom discussed in academic papers; instead, vocal concerns are rising from media and security organizations as well as from governments. Researchers are starting to experiment on new ways to integrate deep learning with traditional media forensics and security techniques as part of a technological solution. This workshop will bring together experts from the communities of machine learning, computer security and forensics in an attempt to highlight recent work and discuss future effort to address these challenges. Our agenda will alternate contributed papers with invited speakers. The latter will emphasize connections among the interested scientific communities and the standpoint of institutions and media organizations.

Author Information

Battista Biggio (University of Cagliari)
Pavel Korshunov (IDIAP)
Thomas Mensink (University of Amsterdam)
Giorgio Patrini (Deeptrace)
Arka Sadhu (University of Southern California)
Delip Rao (AI Foundation)

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