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LaVAN: Localized and Visible Adversarial Noise
Danny Karmon · Daniel Zoran · Yoav Goldberg

Thu Jul 12 07:50 AM -- 08:00 AM (PDT) @ A7

Most works on adversarial examples for deep-learning based image classifiers usenoise that, while small, covers the entire image. We explore the case where thenoise is allowed to be visible but confined to a small, localized patch of theimage, without covering any of the main object(s) in the image. We show that it is possible to generate localized adversarial noises that cover only 2% of the pixels in the image, none of them over the main object, and that are transferable acrossimages and locations, and successfully fool a state-of-the-art Inception v3model with very high success rates.

Author Information

Danny Karmon (Bar Ilan University)
Daniel Zoran (DeepMind)
Yoav Goldberg (Bar Ilan University)

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