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Learning Policy Representations in Multiagent Systems
Aditya Grover · Maruan Al-Shedivat · Jayesh K. Gupta · Yura Burda · Harrison Edwards

Thu Jul 12 02:00 AM -- 02:20 AM (PDT) @ A3

Modeling agent behavior is central to understanding the emergence of complex phenomena in multiagent systems. Prior work in agent modeling has largely been task-specific and driven by hand-engineering domain-specific prior knowledge. We propose a general learning framework for modeling agent behavior in any multiagent system using only a handful of interaction data. Our framework casts agent modeling as a representation learning problem. Consequently, we construct a novel objective inspired by imitation learning and agent identification and design an algorithm for unsupervised learning of representations of agent policies. We demonstrate empirically the utility of the proposed framework in (i) a challenging high-dimensional competitive environment for continuous control and (ii) a cooperative environment for communication, on supervised predictive tasks, unsupervised clustering, and policy optimization using deep reinforcement learning.

Author Information

Aditya Grover (Stanford University)
Maruan Al-Shedivat (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jayesh K. Gupta (Stanford University)
Yura Burda (OpenAI)
Harrison Edwards (OpenAI / University of Edinburgh)

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