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Invited Talk
Towards Reinforcement Learning in the Real World
Raia Hadsell

Tue Aug 08 04:00 PM -- 05:45 PM (PDT) @ Darling Harbour Theatre

Deep reinforcement learning has rapidly grown as a research field with far-reaching potential for artificial intelligence. Large set of ATARI games have been used as the main benchmark domain for many fundamental developments. As the field matures, it is important to develop more sophisticated learning systems with the aim of solving more complex tasks. I will describe some recent research from DeepMind that allows end-to-end learning in challenging environments with real-world variability and complex task structure.

Author Information

Raia Hadsell (DeepMind)

Raia Hadsell, a senior research scientist at DeepMind, has worked on deep learning and robotics problems for over 10 years. Her early research developed the notion of manifold learning using Siamese networks, which has been used extensively for invariant feature learning. After completing a PhD with Yann LeCun, which featured a self-supervised deep learning vision system for a mobile robot, her research continued at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute and SRI International, and in early 2014 she joined DeepMind in London to study artificial general intelligence. Her current research focuses on the challenge of continual learning for AI agents and robotic systems. While deep RL algorithms are capable of attaining superhuman performance on single tasks, they cannot transfer that performance to additional tasks, especially if experienced sequentially. She has proposed neural approaches such as policy distillation, progressive nets, and elastic weight consolidation to solve the problem of catastrophic forgetting and improve transfer learning.

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