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Deep Tensor Convolution on Multicores
David Budden · Alexander Matveev · Shibani Santurkar · Shraman Ray Chaudhuri · Nir Shavit

Wed Aug 09 01:30 AM -- 05:00 AM (PDT) @ Gallery #26
Deep convolutional neural networks (ConvNets) of 3-dimensional kernels allow joint modeling of spatiotemporal features. These networks have improved performance of video and volumetric image analysis, but have been limited in size due to the low memory ceiling of GPU hardware. Existing CPU implementations overcome this constraint but are impractically slow. Here we extend and optimize the faster Winograd-class of convolutional algorithms to the $N$-dimensional case and specifically for CPU hardware. First, we remove the need to manually hand-craft algorithms by exploiting the relaxed constraints and cheap sparse access of CPU memory. Second, we maximize CPU utilization and multicore scalability by transforming data matrices to be cache-aware, integer multiples of AVX vector widths. Treating 2-dimensional ConvNets as a special (and the least beneficial) case of our approach, we demonstrate a 5 to 25-fold improvement in throughput compared to previous state-of-the-art.

Author Information

David Budden (MIT / DeepMind)
Alexander Matveev (MIT)
Shibani Santurkar (MIT)
Shraman Ray Chaudhuri (MIT)
Nir Shavit (MIT)

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