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Follow the Compressed Leader: Faster Online Learning of Eigenvectors and Faster MMWU
Zeyuan Allen-Zhu · Yuanzhi Li

Sun Aug 06 09:06 PM -- 09:24 PM (PDT) @ C4.1
The online problem of computing the top eigenvector is fundamental to machine learning. The famous matrix-multiplicative-weight-update (MMWU) framework solves this online problem and gives optimal regret. However, since MMWU runs very slow due to the computation of matrix exponentials, researchers proposed the follow-the-perturbed-leader (FTPL) framework which is faster, but a factor $\sqrt{d}$ worse than the optimal regret for dimension-$d$ matrices. We propose a \emph{follow-the-compressed-leader} framework which, not only matches the optimal regret of MMWU (up to polylog factors), but runs no slower than FTPL. Our main idea is to ``compress'' the MMWU strategy to dimension 3 in the adversarial setting, or dimension 1 in the stochastic setting. This resolves an open question regarding how to obtain both (nearly) optimal and efficient algorithms for the online eigenvector problem.

Author Information

Zeyuan Allen-Zhu (Microsoft Research / Princeton / IAS)
Yuanzhi Li (Princeton University)

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