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Last 5 International Conferences on Machine Learning

The 1st International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) started in 1993. Since then it has been an annual feature in the hot pot of machine learning. Here is the information on last 5 ICML that were held across the globe.

ICML 2015

This year, ICML was held on July 6 – July 9 at Lille, France. The first day was dedicated to 6 tutorials covering structured prediction, time series modeling, natural language understanding, reinforcement learning, optimization and computational social sciences.

The keynote speakers at the conference were Leon Button from Facebook, Jon Kleinberg from Cornell University and Susan Murphy from University of Michigan. 270 authors presented their articles and 20 workshops around path-breaking research and new areas of machine learning were also held.

Some of the sponsors of the event were Alibaba Group, Bai du Research, Intel, Google, Metropole and Microsoft Research.

ICML 2014

In 2014, ICML was held at Beijing, China, on June 21 – June 26. The first day was dedicated to tutorials while workshops were held on the last two days.

The keynote speakers at this edition were Eric Horvitz, Microsoft; Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania; and Michael Jordan, University of California, Berkley.

Some of the sponsors were Bai du, TP-LINK, Alibaba Group, Tencent, Microsoft, Springer, Google, and Miaozen Systems.

ICML 2013

ICML 2013 was held at Atlanta, USA, on June 16 – June 21. Carlos Guesterin (University of Washington), Santosh Vempala (Carneige Mellon University), and Vincent Vanhoucke (Google) were the keynote speakers.

The conference was sponsored by NSF, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Labs, facebook, IBM, Georgia Tech, and Yandex.

ICML 2012

ICML 2012 was held at Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 26 – July 1. The keynote speakers for the conference were Yann LeCun – NYU, Sethu Muthukrishnan – Rutgers University, and David MacKay, FRS – University of Cambridge.

The event was sponsored by NSF, Microsoft Research, ebay Research Labs, Google, Pascal 2, and sisca among others.

ICML 2011

The 28th ICML conference was held at Bellevue, USA, on June 28 – Jul 2, 2011. The conference was addressed by Christopher Bishop from Microsoft Research Cambridge, Hartmut Neven from Google, Martin Nowak from Harvard University, and David Ferrucci from IBM Research as keynote speaker.

The sponsors of ICML 2011 were, NSF, Microsoft, Google, eHarmony, Yahoo, Pascal, Xerox, and Alberta Ingenuity Institute for Machine Learning.