A Fast Iterative Algorithm for Fisher Discriminant using Heterogeneous Kernels
Glenn Fung - CAD, Siemens Medical Solutions USA
Murat Dundar - CAD, Siemens Medical Solutions USA
Jinbo Bi - CAD, Siemens Medical Solutions USA
Bharat Rao - CAD, Siemens Medical Solutions USA
We propose a fast iterative classification algorithm for Kernel Fisher Discriminant (KFD) using heterogeneous kernel models. In contrast with the standard KFD that requires the user to predefine a kernel function, we incorporate the task of choosing an appropriate kernel into the optimization problem to be solved. The choice of kernel is defined as a linear combination of kernels belonging to a potentially large family of different positive semidefinitekernels. The complexity of our algorithm does not increase significantly with respect to the number of kernels on thekernel family. Experiments on several benchmark datasets demonstrate that generalization performance of the proposed algorithm is not significantly different from that achieved by the standard KFD in which the kernel parameters have been tuned using cross validation. We also present results on a real-life colon cancer dataset that demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed method.