ICML'96 Preliminary Announcement

13th International Conference on Machine Learning

Bari, Italy, July 3-6, 1996

Early Registration Deadline is May 24, 1996 
Hotel Reservation Deadline is May 24, 1996 
(As the city of Bari has recently decided to host, in the same week of the
conference, the World Youth Games, it is highly recommended to reserve your
rooms as soon as possible.

The 13th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML'96) will be
held in Bari, Italy, during July  3-6,1996, with informal workshops  on 
July 3rd. The  conference will include presentation of refereed  papers,
and  three invited lectures by:
* Heikki Mannila (University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland)
* Andrew Moore (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA)
* Vladimir Vapnik (AT&T Research, Murray Hill, NJ)

Please   note  that  the  9th  Conference    on  Computational Learning 
Theory   (COLT-96) will be  also  held in Italy, precisely in Desenzano
sul Garda, 
on June  28th-July  1st, 1996.  We  offer reduced registration fees to
attendees  who register for both conferences.

This preliminary announcement, which omits the final technical program,
is  being  provided so that travel arrangements can be made as early as
possible. An updated announcement, including the technical program, will
be distributed sometime in April.

General Information


Bari (450.000  inhabitants)  is the capital  of  Apulia  (or Puglia  in 
Italian), one of the  most  active regions in Southern Italy. Apulia is
characterized by the presence  of both  plains  and  hills and extended
contact with  the  sea. Apulia faces both Adriatic and Ionian seas, and
this factor determines its climate, characterized by the long, pleasant,
airy summers typical of the central Mediterranean areas.      Its coast
stretches for 800 kilometers.  Bari is   certainly   one of the busiest 
meeting points in Southern Italy. The old part of the town, dating back
to the Middle Age, is particularly interesting for its architecture and
traditions,  while  the new  part  is  a  modern  business city. Bari's 
surroundings present   some  of  the  most  interesting  historical and
touristic sites in Southern Italy.

How to reach Bari

Bari is accessible by air, train and car.
Traveling by air, Bari is connected to Rome (1 h) and  Milan (1.20  h),
by means of direct flights to/from Bari's  Palese Airport.
Traveling by train, Bari is directly connected to Naples (4-5  h),  
Rome (6-7 h), Bologna (7-9 h), Milan (9-11 h), Turin (12 h) and Venice (10 h).
Traveling by car, Bari is served by two highways, namely  A16, which links
Bari to Rome, and A14 (Adriatic line) which links Bari to Bologna. Bologna
can be easily reached from all cities in Northern Italy.


Bari  enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate common to  the whole  of 
Southern Italy. There is very little rain  during the  summer months (the
average annual rainfall is  between 500  and 700 mm), and average
temperatures are 25-26 degrees (Centigrades) with long stable periods of
fine warm weather.


Please  complete the attached registration form, and  return it with
payment  for the full amount. The early registration (postmark) deadline is
May 24, 1996 (Registration  must  be received by this date in order to
qualify for the discounted rate).
Registration  fees  include admission to all the  technical sessions
(including  the  workshops),   one  copy  of  the conference proceedings, 
conference kit, lunches on July 4-6 for  the conference registrants, and
also the lunch on  July 3rd  for  the registrants to both the conference
and  to  at least one workshop.
Please  notice  that  the  student  registration  fees  only include
admission to the technical sessions and one copy  of the proceedings.
In  order  to  have  the  printed Notes  of  the  workshops, additional
Lit. 15,000 are required for each set of notes.


Please complete the attached hoter reservation form. Special rates  for 
the  conference are guaranteed  for  reservation arrived in Bari no later
May 24, 1996.
As  the  city of Bari has recently decided to host, in the same  week of
the conference, the World Youth Games, it is higly recommended to reserve
your rooms as soon as possible.


During  July  3-6 the lunch are included in the conference registration fees.

For more information send mail to: