13th International Conference on Machine Learning
                                      ICML '96
                            July 3 - 6, 1996 - Bari (Italy)

                           HOTEL ACCOMMODATION FORM
                            Deadline: May 24, 1996

Please return this form along with the deposit to: 
          II Trav. Via S. Matarrese, 3 - 70124 Bari, Italy  -
          Telephone Number: (+39) 80-5617299, Fax Number: (+39) 80-5614533

Please type or print clearly

           Last                              First         Title         (M/F)

Institution or Company: ____________________________________________________

Address:     ________________________________________________________________

               City                          Post Code           Country

Telephone No: ___________________________ Fax No:_________________________


Name(s) of Accompanying 

                    Last                            First

Hotels  Category                       Rates per night  

                                 Single*                   Double 
        |_| 4 Star        Lit.170.000/180.000     Lit. 220.000/250.000

        |_| 3 Star        Lit. 60.000/120.000     Lit. 100.000/200.000
                        |                 Deposit                       |
                        |    Single                Double               |
                        |                                               |
                        |Lit. 170.000   Lit. 220.000   Lit. _________   |
                        |                                               |
                        |Lit.  60.000   Lit. 100.000   Lit. _________   |

                         Total amount                Lit. _______________

No. ___ Single Room(s) -             No. ___ Double Room(s) -

Date of arrival: ______ Date of departure: ______ Number of Night(s):  ____

I am sending a hotel deposit (price of 1 night per room), in Italian Lire
for the amount of Lit.__________________ payable to Centro Internazionale
Congressi s.r.l.

Method of payment

|_| Foreign draft/eurocheques payable to: 
        Centro Internazionale Congressi s.r.l.

|_| Bank transfer to: Centro Internazionale Congressi - 
        Account no: 27/995 - Banco di Napoli Ag. 6 - Via Giovanni XXIII - 
        70124 Bari, Italy - cod. ABI 1010 - cod. CAB 04006. 
        Please enclose  a copy of the bank transfer payment with your
        reservation form.

|_|     Credit Card 

        |_| VISA        |_| EUROCARD / MASTERCARD      |_| DINERS' CLUB

Card No. | _| _|_ | _| _| _| _| _| _| _| _| _| _| _| _| _|           

Expiration date |_|_|/|_|_|

Cardholder's name (please print)______________________ 



*Since the number of single rooms is limited, if necessary the organization
will reserve a double room for single occupancy, and the rate will
correspond approximately to the double room rate less at least one
continental breakfast.
The above mentioned rates include breakfast, service and VAT.
The organizing secretariat will send a hotel confirmation with all
necessary information to the applicant after having made the hotel
Rooms at various hotels will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.
If all available rooms in the desired hotel category are occupied, a room
will be reserved in the nearest possible category to the applicant's
Should booking dates not be indicated on the hotel accommodation form, the
organization shall presume arrival July 2, 1996 and departure July 7, 1996.
After May 24, 1996, hotel reservations may not be guaranteed.


Please make the hotel deposit payable in Italian lira to: Centro
Internazionale Congressi s.r.l. Reservations cannot be accepted without the
hotel deposit. The deposit will be deducted from the hotel bill which must
be settled by the registrant on departure.
The bank charges must be added to the above amount. Any difference will be
settled locally.
In case a cancellation becomes necessary, it should be notified to the
organising secretariat in writing. The following refund policy will be
if notification of cancellation is received by:
  Up to 30 days before the first night of stay: refund of 70% of the deposit
  29 - 10 days before: refund of 20% of the deposit
  less than 9 days before or if no notice given: no refund.
All refunds will be forwarded after the Conference.
I have duly read the registration and cancellation regulations and accept the

Date:   ______________________ Signature: ___________________________________